Zoo Wildlife - Big Horn Sheep DeWorming & Feeding Instructions

Big Horn Sheep:

Bighorn Sheep: Mix 1 pound of the Type B (0.5%) medicated feed containing 4,540 g/ton of fenbendazole with 4 pounds of feed ingredients to manufacture Type C medicated feed containing 908 grams of fenbendazole per ton equivalent. Feed at a rate to provide 10 mg/kg body weight/day (4.54 mg/lb/day) for three (3) consecutive days.  Type C feeds containing fenbendazole can be fed to adult and young animals either in a mash or pelleted feed. No prior withdrawal of feed or water is necessary.  The following table gives examples of daily feeding rates based on body weights, daily dosage and grams fenbendazole (FBZ) per ton of feed.

908 g/ton Type C Medicated Feed – Feeding Directions

Daily DosageFeed daily for 3 days the following amount of 908 g/ton Type C fenbendazole medicated feed based on total body weight of the group
(mg/lb/day)Example Group Body Weights
100 lbs500 lbs1000 lbs
4.541.0 lb5.0 lbs10.0 lbs

 Retreatment may be required in six weeks, depending upon conditions of continued exposure to parasites, condition of treated animals and ambient temperatures.